‘Mindhunter’ on Netflix has been Put on Hold Indefinitely

    Fans of Mindhunter will be disappointed to learn that season three of the popular Netflix show which chronicles the foundations of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit has been postponed indefinitely.

    The fan-favorite series has featured some phenomenal performances, not only from its leading cast, but also those in supporting roles. Most of us still shudder when we think of Cameron Britton’s take on Ed Kemper that was just a little too close to reality for comfort.

    Showrunner David Fincher has begun work on his first feature for the streaming serviced titled Mank, and according to Entertainment Weekly, the actors’ contracts have been allowed to lapse since the second season debuted last August.

    A spokesperson for Netflix has said that while Fincher is focused on his feature, he felt it was unfair to hold the Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torn in contract for another season when neither he nor Netflix can be certain when he might pick Mindhunter up again.

    Both Groff and McCallany have expressed interest in returning to the show when the time is right.

    A longer wait between seasons is not unheard of on Netflix as they are not held to the same premiere and sweeps schedules as network and cable television. In fact, there was a full year and a half between season one and season two of Mindhunter so all hope is not lost.

    iHorror will keep you posted if and when further details about the series arise.

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